Will Apple Launch Touchscreen Supported MacBook Pro?

In 2010,
co-founder Steve Jobs conceptually introduced a computer with a touchscreen,
but until now Apple has not added it to their Mac product line. But every
computing device including phone, tablet, smartwatch has added touch screen.

On the other hand, Apple’s competitors in the market
have rightly added the touchscreen feature to laptops and desktops. As we
have already seen Microsoft, HP, Samsung, Dell computer manufacturing
companies have been offering computers with touchscreen for quite a long
time and consumers are using it quite comfortably. 

Because we live in a time with technology where touch sensitivity commands
are becoming quite popular. The sensibility of emerging technology is
leaving the touch of the fingers and now rushing to the Irish command.

However, recently Apple may be rethinking its touchscreen integration
position and Apple engineers are rumored to be working on a touchscreen for
the MacBook Pro. A Bloomberg report on Wednesday suggested that the
expected launch date for the touchscreen-enabled MacBook Pro could be around
2025. However, Apple has not updated any information in this regard so far.

Reasons why Apple hasn’t launched a MacBook Pro with touchscreen support

The question is, even though Apple introduced the first
touchscreen-supported computer and added touchscreens to every computing
device including phones, tablets, smartwatches, why hasn’t the company
added it to Mac products yet?

The reason can be said that Apple wanted the sales of their touchscreen
supported iPad products not to be affected by the touchscreen supported Mac

Reasons why the touchscreen feature might come to the MacBook Pro

Now Apple’s iPad business is down compared to the previous year. On the
other hand, users are more interested in Apple computers than iPads.
As Apple expects Mac revenue to grow 14% to $40.1 billion in fiscal 2022.

Global unit shipments of Apple Mac computers from 1st quarter 2006 to 3rd quarter 2022

For this reason, Apple is going to add a touchscreen to their computer
product MacBook Pro. Moreover, if we notice, currently the differences
between high-end iPad and Mac are decreasing. This reduction is mainly due
to the new chip, battery life and slim design. 

Moreover, the inclusion of the
Magic Keyboard feature on the iPad Pro
makes it appear as a laptop. David McQueen, director of research at ABI
Research, sees it as a logical reason to release a MacBook Pro with a
touchscreen because of the overlapping of the Mac and iPad due to design and

By all calculations, it is clear that adding touchscreen capabilities to the
Mac product line could make the iPad almost as extinct as the iPod.

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