Samsung Rumored to Bring Back Rotating Bezel on Galaxy Watch 6

Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 6 is generating buzz in the tech community with rumors
that its screen size may increase due to a smaller bezel.

This increase may lead to an improved resolution and better screen proportion,
making the device a worthy rival to the Apple Watch.

A larger screen means better interactivity, which is why Samsung’s move to
reduce the bezel on the Galaxy Watch 6 is significant.

In comparison to the
Apple Watch 6, the Watch 7 has a 20% larger screen, and apps appear less squished on it.
The Galaxy Watch 6’s upgrade may not be as significant, but it still presents
a decent upgrade in screen size and resolution.

Despite the potential benefits of a larger screen, battery life remains a
concern. However, Samsung may have a solution to this with the rumored 300mAh
or 425mAh battery for the Galaxy Watch 6. Another design change expected on
the Galaxy Watch 6 is a curved glass screen similar to the Google Pixel Watch,
according to the same industry leaker.

Samsung is yet to reveal any official information about the Galaxy Watch 6,
and a release date is still unknown. If history is any indicator, we can
expect an August launch. Fans of the Galaxy Watch series are also hoping that
Samsung will bring back the rotating bezel that was seen on the Galaxy Watch

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