How To Lazy Load Images in Blogger Without Code [New Update]

Now it is very easy to activate lazy loading images in Blogger (BLOGSPOT) blogs.
You don’t need to insert any code with the help of expert or yourself.

Recently Blogger has officially added Lazy Loading Images feature.

With this feature, all your images of post or pages will be loaded in lazy
mode to make sure better page loading experience and it will help to improve
performance in SEO as a ranking factor.

This feature was very essential for Blogger platform. We know in WordPress,
there are many plugins that provide lazy loading images, but not for Blogger

Now dream comes true – Blogger has added this feature finally!

How to Activate Lazy Load Image Feature in Blogger

To activate Lazy Load Image

activate Lazy Load Image

  • Go to Blogger DashboardSettings
  • From Settings, Switch on ‘Lazy load images‘ to

How will make sure, Lazy Load Activated

To make sure your lazy load activated in blog post or pages, check from your
browser inspection tool (If you are expert in it). In chrome browser CTRL +

With and Without Lazy Load Image

If you see loading="lazy" of each img attribute, then Lazy Load feature has
been added successfully, otherwise not.

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