Google Pixels Adaptive Charging Feature Now Notifies Users When Active

Google has recently made a change to its Adaptive Charging feature for Pixel 4
and newer devices.

Adaptive Charging feature, which was added in the December 2020 Feature Drop, is aimed at prolonging
the lifespan of the phone’s battery by slowly charging it overnight and
topping it up just before the alarm is about to go off.

However, until now, it was not clear when the Adaptive Charging feature was
active, as users had to rely on a small lock screen message that was easy to

According to reports on Reddit, many Pixel users are now seeing a notification on their phones when the
Adaptive Charging feature is active. The notification also includes an option
to turn off the Adaptive Charging for the night, in case the user needs their
phone to be fully charged before their regular alarm goes off. Google has
already added a similar option for Bedtime mode.

Adaptive Charging works when a Pixel 4 or newer phone is plugged in between 9
PM and 4 AM, provided an active alarm is set for anywhere between 3 and 10 AM.
The phone will charge slowly through the night, reaching 100% just before the
alarm is about to ring.

Experts advise consumers not to keep lithium-ion batteries such as those on
smartphones plugged in at full charge for long periods, as it can damage the
battery and shorten its lifespan.

It is worth noting that Google’s implementation of Adaptive Charging has a
requirement for an active alarm, which some users find restrictive. In
contrast, iPhones have an Optimized Battery Charging feature that decides when
to top off the battery based on the user’s sleeping pattern and usage.

The Adaptive Charging notification is not linked to the recently rolled out
March 2023 Feature Drop, and it is believed that Google may be rolling it out
with a Private Compute Services update, which can take some time to show up on
users’ phones.

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