7 Best Handpicked WordPress Hosting For Bloggers

If you’re a blogger and want to
start your blog on WordPress, it’s really important to pick good hosting. This is because the quality of
your WordPress hosting can impact how well your blog works and how easily
people can find it on search engines.

Nowadays, when you create a blog about travel, lifestyle, product reviews, or
anything else, there are many things to consider. 

In the past, blogging used to be more of a casual hobby, but now it’s a
serious business. Each blog is like a one-person company, and the blogger is
the entrepreneur running it.

WordPress has made blogging easier for everyone. Blogging and WordPress go
hand in hand now. Because blogging is so popular, you need good hosting to
handle all the visitors coming to your blog. It’s not just about handling
visitors; you also need hosting that keeps your blog safe, manages storage,
and makes it easy to set up WordPress.

That’s why I’ve chosen a few hosting services that will make it simple for you
to start blogging with WordPress. You can install WordPress yourself without
any trouble or extra costs. 

These hosting services let you set up your entire blog with just a few clicks.
You can even get a free domain and SSL for your blog through them. 

Here are the 7 best WordPress hosting services for carefully chosen

Liquid Web – Top-Notch Managed WordPress Hosting

Liquid Web is among the best managed hosting services for WordPress
bloggers. It offers high-quality hosting that you only need to invest in
once for top-notch service. Their customer support is incredibly fast!

It provides excellent bandwidth to speed up your blog. Additionally, it
offers features like Plugin Performance Monitor, Automated Testing, and
robust security, including storage services.

Hostinger – Managed WordPress Hosting

When it comes to price, quality, and WordPress hosting features, Hostinger
stands out. Despite being cloud-based shared hosting, it includes full
features like cPanel, FTP, and 100 GB SSD storage. You can connect up to 100
websites with this package.

What makes it unique is the offering of Unlimited Bandwidth, Databases, Free
SSL, FTP, and even a free $9.99 .com domain in an affordable package. The
domain is free for the first year but needs renewal in subsequent years,
just like any other domain. Since it provides cloud-based hosting, it also
includes GIT and SSH access.

Hostinger has packages to fit your needs. You can explore and compare them.

HostGator – Budget-Friendly Managed WordPress Hosting

HostGator offers seamless WordPress Hosting on a budget. It can handle a lot
of traffic with its basic plan.

It comes with one-click WordPress installation, Unlimited Bandwidth,
Databases, Free SSL, FTP, and even a free $9.99 .com Domain for the first
year (renewal required for subsequent years). This hosting service could be
your go-to solution.

NameCheap – EasyWP WordPress Hosting

While NameCheap is known for domain services, it’s gaining popularity among
bloggers for its special hosting package for WordPress blogs, EasyWP.

This package ensures hosting your WordPress blog on Namecheap’s cloud
instead of shared hosting, which is commonly used by most hosting providers.
So, by choosing Namecheap, you get cloud storage, providing an excellent
WordPress blog experience with CDN and super-fast loading.

BlueHost – WordPress Hosting

BlueHost’s WordPress Hosting is recommended for starting a blog on WordPress
with easy, one-click installation. It offers an outstanding CPanel dashboard
to manage your blog’s assets and settings.

With better page loading experiences, BlueHost provides secure storage
features on a budget. It includes free SSL and subdomains, making it a wise
choice for launching your WordPress blog.

NameSilo – Budget-Friendly WordPress Hosting

If you’re concerned about your budget for hosting a WordPress blog, NameSilo
is the go-to solution. It offers quality storage at an affordable price.

With easy WordPress installation and features like FREE EMAIL AND WEBSITE
BUILDER, it could be a better choice for beginner bloggers. Additionally,
you have the option to upgrade your hosting package to meet your needs,
including premium hosting options.

HostWinds – Budget-Friendly WordPress Hosting

HostWinds provides premium WordPress hosting for bloggers with Unlimited
Bandwidth, Disk Space, and easy WordPress installation. With just a click,
WordPress is instantly installed and ready to use.

It offers fast and helpful blog performance and customer support.

Selecting the right hosting service for your WordPress blog is crucial to
ensure its success. Each of the hosting options we’ve discussed has its own
strengths, catering to various needs and budgets. Whether you prioritize
top-notch performance, affordability, or ease of use, there’s a hosting
solution here for you. 

Take the time to explore these options, and you’ll be well on your way to
launching a thriving WordPress blog that meets your specific requirements.

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